Cloister 4.5% abv

Colour: Light Golden

Type: Premium Bitter


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Origin: This style has its roots in the pale ale revolution of the 19C. The term bitter though, did not emerge until the early 20C, possibly to distinguish it from the equally popular mild. This modern version has a much more complex hop blend than a traditional bitter, and (in this case) the specific style is derived from the distinctive hoppy and aromatic qualities of the Durham White beers.
Tasting Notes: A simple malt grist of maris otter pale malt and a small amount of crystal malt is bittered and aromatized by a complex addition of a unique blend of hops. English, Czech and American hops mingle throughout the boil to give a heady flowery aroma, and a tantalising peachy flavour, offset by a refreshing degree of bitterness. Despite its complexity this beer is clean and thirst quenching.
Recommendations: Drink with any food, any occasion. Simply enjoy!




Premium Bitter

4.5% ABV

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