Evensong 5% abv

Colour: Ruby

Type: Premium Bitter


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Origin: The term “bitter” is a largely 20C invention, coined possibly to distinguish pale ale from mild. An old ale was a strong keeping beer. We believe that Evensong is a cross between the two, having bitter qualities and the dark malty qualities of an old ale. The recipe is based upon an original beer made by Whitakers of Halifax in 1937.
Tasting Notes: A smooth well balanced traditional ruby bitter. Made with a complex malt grist of five different malts, combined with Goldings, Fuggles and Challenger hops. When young, the sweetness of malt sugars lends strong toffee notes, which give way to the gentle but full bitterness of the hops as the yeast consumes the sugars during maturation.
Recommendations: This full flavoured beer is very satisfying on its own but try it with dark meats and strong cheese.




Ruby Ale

5% ABV

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Evensong Background
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