St Cuthbert

St Cuthbert 6.5% abv

Colour: Light Golden

Type: India Pale Ale


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Origin: This is our interpretation of the strong, highly hopped beer that was exported from Burton to India in the 19C. In the days before beers were filtered and sterilized, a live cask product had to be able to withstand the warm, mobile hold of a ship. A slow secondary fermentation, high alcoholic strength and a large quantity of preserving hops ensured that the cask reached its destination in peak condition. The strength and body of St Cuthbert are authentic but the hop rates are slightly less than the original to allow complex fruity notes to emerge.
Tasting Notes: As it matures in the bottle, St Cuthbert becomes drier, allowing bitterness and alcoholic strength to come to the fore. A heady floral aroma is immediately apparent on pouring. Peachy fruit notes and a moderate bitterness linger on the palate long after enjoying a draught.
Recommendations: This is too strong for general supping. Relax with a bottle late evening.


St Cuthbert

St Cuthbert

India Pale Ale

6.5% ABV

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