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6 pack

Redemption 12% ABV

Ultimate sophistication. A limited edition rich tawny ale fermented with Belgian yeast. Layers of flavour emerge from a year of maturation in oak whisky casks. It's all about the malt, with melanoidin, Munich and crystal malts creating dried fruit, brown sugar and sherry accents. This melds with oak vanilla and a gentle marmalade bitterness from good old English Fuggles and Target hops. A beer to sit with and savour.

500ml bottles. Suitable for Vegans. Bottle-conditioned.


Benedictus 8.4% abv

A classic Barley Wine featured in Roger Protz's book- 300 More Beers To Try Before You Die. A balanced, smooth and mouth-filling, luscious flavour, containing hints of toffee apple and caramel. Alcohol esters blend to make a warm, dry finish.

Suitable for Vegans. 500 ml bottles. Bottle-conditioned.


Imperious 11.8% ABV

The defining Imperial Russian Stout. Each batch of Imperious is Temptation aged in oak whisky casks. Each one is unique. This incarnation has characteristics of burnt wood and smoke. The nose is sweet liquorice and Guy Fawkes bonfires. Smoke continues into the body with charcoal and dark sugar with a hint of port.

Suitable for Vegans. 500ml bottles. Bottle-conditioned.


Helles 4.5% abv

Classic German style beer. Lager with flavour.

Filtered, not bottle conditioned.

Suitable for vegans. 330ml bottles.


St Cuthbert 6.5% ABV

Golden India Pale Ale with pronounced citrus and orange notes.

Suitable for vegans. 500ml bottles. Bottle-conditioned.


Cloister 4.5% ABV

Thirst quenching pale golden, premium bitter.

Suitable for vegans. 500ml bottles. Bottle-conditioned.


Goslar 4.5% abv

A German Gose. Wheat beer with cidery freshness.

500ml bottles. Suitable for Vegans. Bottle-conditioned.


Black Bishop 4.1% ABV

Traditional dark stout character with crisp, clean coffee roast and a little smoke. 500ml bottles.

2017 Diploma in British Bottlers' Institute

Suitable for vegans. 500ml bottles. Bottle-conditioned.


Smoking Blonde 6% ABV

Golden Ale with of oak smoked wheat and peachy aroma from the use of Citra and Columbus hops.

Suitable for vegans. 500ml bottle. Bottle-conditioned.