Oak Aged Alabaster

ABV: 7.4% abv

Type: Oak Aged Double IPA

Very limited release available from the brewery only.  Our stunning double IPA has been aged in an oak barrel. Less than 500 bottles. Hints of vanilla oak mingle with large amounts of aromatic US Columbus hops over a full pale malt base. Aromas of vanilla, tropical fruit and spice. High bitterness is smoothed by the aging and the body has become even more full and rich.

Contains water, barley (gluten), wheat (gluten), hops, orange peel and yeast.  Brewed to a gluten free recipe.

Suitable for vegans.


Formerly White Stout 7.2% abv

Type: Double IPA

Formerly known as White Stout. We have tweaked the recipe and increased the hop hit. The new take on this classic Durham beer deserved a new name. Alabaster – strong and pale.

Large amounts of aromatic Columbus hops over a full pale malt base. Aromas of citrus and black pepper. High bitterness is balanced by the full and rich malt body.

Contains water, barley (gluten), wheat (gluten), hops, orange peel and yeast.

Suitable for vegans.

Bede’s Chalice

Bede’s Chalice 9.0% abv

Colour: Rich Golden

Type: Belgian Tripel


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Origin: Bede’s Chalice celebrates the Venerable Bede.
The origin of the term “Tripel” is unknown but would appear to denote alcoholic strength. First used in the 1930s in association with the Trappist brewery Westmalle, it now refers to a strong pale ale.
Tasting Notes: Full bodied Maris Otter malt with a small addition of wheat and Vienna malt are aromatised by a typical Belgian charge of coriander. The result is a smooth, sweetish, luscious and fruity experience. The peach and orange notes of the malt base are enhanced by the judicious use of a single American hop, centennial. A very satisfying beer with a Belgian character. Some say it is the best beer ever made!
Recommendations: This beer is too strong and complex for normal English style supping. Do as the Belgians do. Share it with a friend and savour it like a light wine. Alternatively treat like a dessert wine. Enhance the aroma by drinking from a large brandy glass.


Smoking Blonde

Smoking Blonde 6% abv

Colour: Golden

Type: Smoked Strong Golden Ale


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Origin: At heart this is a strong mild, meaning it has a low hop content. In the 19th century milds were pale and strong with a direct historical line to original unhopped ale.
Tasting Notes: A malt body of pale Maris Otter kicked off with oak smoked wheat. Citra hops in the aroma mingle with the smoked malt to create peach in the aroma and flavour. A full velvety body develops into a soft marmalade bitterness helped along by a shot of coriander.
Recommendations: Characterful cheeses.


White Gold

Alcohol Content: 4.0%

Colour: Pale

Bitterness: 34 IBUs

Beer Type: Blonde Ale

One of our best-selling core beers. Masses of stunning US Cascade hops throughout with a big grapefruit hop aroma. More Cascade in the body gives mellow grapefruit bitterness and sweet orange.


Alcohol Content: 3.9%

Colour: Pale

Bitterness: 37 IBUs

Beer Type: NZ Pale Ale

Stunning Rakau hops throughout.  Apricot and passionfruit notes in the aroma and body.


Alcohol Content: 3.9%

Colour: Deep Golden

Bitterness: 26 IBUs

Beer Type: Pale Ale

Complex biscuit malt base with Munich and Vienna malts. Cascade, Mandarina Bavaria, Nelson Sauvin and Centennial hops combine to create citrus grapefruit and mandarin notes with a hint of gooseberry and stone fruit.