Imperious 11.8% abv

Colour: Black

Bitterness: 50 IBUs

Type: Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

A limited edition of just 3000 bottles. Each small batch of Imperious is Temptation, our Imperial Russian Stout, aged in oak barrels. This year we have chosen Irish Whiskey. Ready now but will continue to mature and improve over the next 3 to 5 years. Bottled Autumn 2022.

Contains Water, Barley (gluten), Wheat (gluten), hops and yeast.  Vegan Friendly

500ml bottle

Bede’s Barrel

Bede’s Barrel 10% abv

Colour: Rich Golden

Type: Brandy Cask Aged Belgian Tripel

Fewer than 800 bottles of this limited edition brandy barrel aged Belgian Tripel. Rich and luxurious boozy aroma of candied peel and brandy. Dried fruit and oak notes are lifted by lighter fruit. Orange, peach and apricot throughout. A dry finish with a subtle hint of spice.

Contains Water, Barley (gluten), Wheat (gluten), hops, orange peel, coriander seed and yeast.  Vegan Friendly and brewed to a gluten free recipe in the same way as Magus but untested.

500ml bottle


Oak Aged Alabaster

ABV: 7.4% abv

Type: Oak Aged Double IPA

Very limited release.  Our stunning double IPA has been aged in an oak barrel. Less than 500 bottles. Hints of vanilla oak mingle with large amounts of aromatic US Columbus hops over a full pale malt base. Aromas of vanilla, tropical fruit and spice. High bitterness is smoothed by the aging and the body has become even more full and rich.

Contains water, barley (gluten), wheat (gluten), hops, orange peel and yeast.  Brewed to a gluten free recipe using the same method as Magus but untested. Vegan Friendly.

500ml bottle